Saturday, January 24, 2015

White River Wildlife Management Area 1/24/15

I decided to make another blog just about the dog., to show more about our hikes than just the birds.  I have not adjusted borders etc, just stuck this together..

This one features Bert since his household is away and he wanted to show them what he did today..

Huck, Bert and I went out to Wasco stars are where we were in the morning, red in the afternoon.  Yellow is another spot Bert was at earlier this summer.

I was not sure how long the first hike was going to be so I did not shoot videos until later.  Bert rolled in some nasty smelly tar poop type stuff early on. I found a rag on a fence and wiped him down.  It was like wiping axle grease off an axle.  It was ugly.  I used water and another rag when I got back to car. He was quite pleased with his effort.

The area is managed to provide food and cover for the elk so they do not go out into the farms and ranches during the winter. They have lots of open meadows and fields set up.  We saw no elk but lots of tracks..

These two videos are from the morning:

The rest of these are from the afternoon hike:

A lunch video:

And here he is as of 9 pm..