Thursday, April 2, 2015

Camping Trip

Huck went along with me on an overnight camping trip.  My goal was to find owls.  His goal was to have fun and escape the two dogs that Sierra was dog-sitting last week.  Actually Mabel and Louise are wonderful dogs and Huck doesn't mind too much.  They both like to sit on my lap, the only issue Huck seems to have with them when they visit.

Louise and Mabel.  

Huck checking out Olallie Meadows.

Typical trail.

Huck flying over some downed trees.

We decided to sleep in the car, not sure what other critters were out there at night.  Huck did okay sharing the mattress, here he is waiting for me to drag my butt out of the bag into the freezing morning, 30 degrees.

We went on short hike next day then headed home.