Monday, May 25, 2015

Huck in the Ochoco's

Huck ventured to the Ochoco's this past weekend.  

Up near our campsite we found this artesian well.   I assume it was set up for some wild horses in the area.  Huck sniffed around and found some scent.

 A quick run around the area and his inspection was complete.

Returning back to road.

There was this odd structure, what was it for and why here?  No fence line in area, I thought it was meant to be filled with rock as an anchor post. It was too small to hold a horse.  No idea.  Huck inspected it and it seemed to interest him.

Huck has various projects he works on while I bird.  Most involve some sort of study he is doing involving sticks found on the forest floor. 

I think it involves what lies under the bark of the twigs and branches.

Rodent analysis is another project, their burrows are constantly being evaluated.

General road inspections are also done.

Gate inspections and cattle locations and counts are carefully noted.

Survey markers are also placed.

No wonder he got so tuckered out after two days of hard work.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bayocean Spit Beach Romp

Today (5/3/15) Huck and his pal Bert went down near Tillamook to the Bayocean Spit, a beach they visit frequently.  I went along to search for shorebirds.

The beach was empty of people despite the great weather.  Those are all dead jellyfish on the tidal line.

Huck always needs to blow off steam, and Bert is often the target.  Bert once would play back just as hard, but in his elderly years he has mellowed, but just a little.

Both Bert and Huck like to cool off with a quick dip.

Two weeks ago, Huck got his spring shave.  It leaves him looking like a lab.  He is much cooler and acts like he is 6 years younger.

 After the dip, the play resumes.

Sometimes Bert just dodges the blows in the hopes they stop.

Bert returning from a meet and greet.

After lunch at the jetty, we cut back home down the road along the inlet.  We cut across the dunes along a trail in the interior of the spit after a few hundred yards down this road.

Bert checking out the Garibaldi Inlet.

They settled down for a portrait, after this we cut into the dunes.  It must have been hot and tiring for Bert, he started to lag behind.  So I went back out to the beach.

Bert went straight for the ocean and another cool dip.

After that dip we had to cut back over to the bay and the road to the car.  Bert saw that the tide was up and went down to the bay for another dip.  He stood there for awhile waiting for me to  join him.

Huck was the only one who decided to go down the steep embankment to the bay.

Bert finally gave up hope that I would go down to the bay, he worked his way back up the bank.

Back at the car after a 5 hour hike, about 7 miles in all.