Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sandy River

Huck took one of his pals (Tess) out to the Sandy River today (Oct-11-2015).  Tess stays with us sometimes under the care of Sierra. 

 I assumed Tess would stay with us and not run for the horizon. I was not sure how she would react, this is her first off leash adventure she has gone on with Huck and I.

First video is right after I let them off leash.

Huck and Tess both went out to check out the Sandy River

Tess wanted to be chased and Huck was happy to oblige.

I made the mistake of telling Huck that was his stick.  Lots of growling and crying but nothing serious when both Huck and Tess went to pick up the stick.

Tess was having fun digging around her stick.

Tess chasing her stick and the big jerk waiting for the prize.

Fun day, thanks for visiting.