Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting Caught Up

Well , Huck has had some great fun recently.  I have not been keeping up with our activities on his blog, so here you go.

On March 1st we went down the Pacific Crest Trail from Clackamas Lake.  We went about 6 miles down into the Warm Springs Reservation.

This is not over exposed. Huck is sitting on what small amount of snow was on trail.

We crossed this power line road along the way.

Huck is about 9-10 years old, he was done after our 12 mile hike.  He was very happy to see the car.

On the 8th we went from Frog Lake Sno-Park over to Devil's Half Acre on the PCT and then back by way of Palmateer Butte.

There should be 4-5 feet of snow where Huck is sitting.

Mt Hood from Palmateer

Huck looking for tid-bits on Palmateer. This should be buried in snow until well into June.

Upper Twin Lake

Asking me to throw a stick.

I tried my first Flipagram..

Yesterday we went up on the north side of Mt Hood.  Weather was a bit iffy. Just to the west it was raining, to the east it was clear.  The ridge I hiked up was on the edge of the rain.  So I felt some wind blown rain and snow at times yet was in sunshine. Rain and snow was fine, it wasn't  anything that could get me wet.  Once I hiked a bit more west, I did get into more weather.  I have been looking for birds.  With the lack of snow this year, I was hoping to see what I could find on the mountain.  Not much, rather quiet.  A fire burned through this area a few years back.

That should get you caught up with our hikes, thanks for visiting!