Sunday, November 8, 2015

Little Badger Creek

Huck invited his two pals, Bert and Wally, on a hike Saturday out to the Badger Creek Wilderness on the far east side of Mt Hood National Forest.  We all hiked up the Little Badger Creek Trail.

Little Badger Creek flows east through the mixed fir, Ponderosa Pines and oaks that form the edge of the Cascades, it is the transition zone with the high open countryside of central Oregon.

Bert is 13 years old, he is in great shape.  He is slower than he once was but had no major trouble on the 8 mile hike.

Wally is about 8, he is a small bundle of muscle and energy. He is the smallest dog I have known, a very fine fellow.

The trail was rather flat for the first 3.5 miles or so.

Bert had a small issue at one of the blow down trees blocking the trail.  This jump would not have been a problem in the past.  He is downhill from log so harder than it looks.  He hopped right over this coming back down in the afternoon.

Water break.

After about 3.5 miles there is an abandon cabin and old mine shaft.

Wally is the explorer in the group, never afraid to stick his nose into places.  Here he is exploring the remains of a bed near the edge of the cabin.

Wally was the only one interested in the mine shaft.

Bert and Huck were not interested in shaft at all.

After the mine the trail is very steep on a climb out of the canyon up to a ridge.  Wally always runs up ahead on the steep parts and then waits for the rest to catch up.

 Tough climb up this section.

The view from ridge looking farther into the wilderness area.

I was looking for birds, saw a few. Not bad for so late in the season One was the Black-backed Woodpecker.

Back at the car after 5.5 hours, great hike.