Sunday, June 19, 2016

Huck at Sisi Butte

 Huck,Tess (Sierra's dog sitting job this week, and a welcomed hiking pal), and I went down to an area just north of Mt Jefferson for a nice bird hike today.

Mt Jefferson was 15 miles south of our hike up Sisi Butte. 

Huck and Tess had lots of brush to explore.   I heard a large animal crashing through the brush, but no visual.  I assumed it was a bear, any deer or elk would have been tall enough to see.  Fortunately the dogs decided not to chase.

This fire tower was the turnaround point.  It sits at about 5600 feet, we climbed up about 1400 feet from our parking spot.

Tess found a nice rock to stand on, a pool of water on the rock was a welcomed water dish.

When we got back to the car we had lunch, after that we crossed the road and followed a dirt logging road down to a stream.

Another welcomed cool drink.

Running in water is always a blast.

A map of where we went, great time with the dogs.

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